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What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, but what does that mean? In short, it’s the art of optimizing your web presence with the goal of appearing higher in search results for specific search terms, often called “keywords” and “keyphrases”. There are many different methods used by amateurs and experts alike, some of the most practised are on-page search optimization, backlink building and quality content writing.

Ok, but how does it work? Search engines crawl billions of pages per day, each search engine has a different algorithm – they’re ranking pages based on different factors. They all share some common ranking factors which are being targeted by the most popular SEO methods.

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There’s no magic wand or easy solution, nobody can guarantee you’ll get first page results for keywords such as “doctor” or “website”, but through our careful research and intensive optimization services, we’re able to rank for highly competitive keywords within a shorter timeframe than our competitors.

We deliver reports based on the keywords you’re currently ranking for, along with new keywords we recommend you should rank for – keywords that will bring organic traffic that’s interested in buying your products, or learning about your services.

For example, if you’re a doctor in San Jose – we’ll focus on keywords like “san jose doctors”, we’ll also do daily checks on medical search trends in your area and focus specific trending key phrases like “san jose corona virus test”, putting content front and center, generating more business and building qualified leads.

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Research & Analyze

Research, test and analyze keywords that will deliver results for your brand or product.

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Backlink Building

Building high quality links through content, personal outreach and tailored brand strategies.

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On-Page Optimization

Optimizing your website at a code level with features such as data markup and

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Optimized Content

High performance and keyword-rich content, written with search engines in mind.

How does a backlink work?

What does backlinking mean?

One of the key fundamentals of SEO is usually referred to as “backlinking”. What is a backlink? In short – a backlink is a link from a different website, that links back to your website. There are two main types of backlink, a dofollow backlink, and a nofollow backlink. Without getting overly technical, those are basically tags that tell search engine crawlers to either follow or to not follow a link through to it’s destination.

How does backlinking work? The theory (explained in a simple way) behind backlinking is based on search engine robots finding a link on a website and following it to your website.

The more links you have on different websites, the more times a search engine robot will bump into your website and potentially rank your content higher through the belief that if your content is being linked to frequently, it must be of good quality.

This isn’t always the case however, since the method of backlinking became so popular, search engine algorithms have grown and been updated – they take many factors into account. Does the page really have good content? What keywords are on the page? Is this content relevant to the website the link came from?

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