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Custom WordPress development like you’ve never seen before. Featuring built in search engine optimization, theme options, page builders and custom plugin functionality.

Like you’ve never seen before.

WordPress is not what you think.

WordPress launched in 2002, it started life as a platform for bloggers to post their articles online in a simple and easy way. The code was open source which allowed developers to extend it further with plugins and custom themes.

By early 2016 WordPress had grown way beyond a simple blogging platform, into a widely adopted Content Management System (CMS), pushing aside other industry giants such as Joomla and Drupal to become the foundation of over 35% of the internet’s websites.

Now, WordPress has many uses – from small businesses to mega conglomerates, gold medal winning athletes and triple-platinum music artists – their websites, online stores and portfolios are built on the WordPress platform. It’s at the forefront of political campaigns and even powers your local supermarket’s pickup-in-store system.

If you’re wondering “Is WordPress right for my business?” then the answer is a confident, resounding yes.

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We have built some of the world’s most powerful WordPress themes. With
built in custom plugin functionality, there’s nothing we can’t achieve together.

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Theme Development

We can plan, design and build your mobile friendly custom theme from scratch, 

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Custom Plugins

Looking for custom functionality? We’ve built everything from lead forms to hotel booking systems.

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Is your data secure? We’ll tighten your security with military grade encryption and weekly reports.

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Theme fixes, weekly updates, server upgrades, compatibility issues and more.

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and growing businesses. We want to
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John Mitchell, Kurati Social LLC

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