Portfolio: Sail

Sail's header and logo redesign.

Redesign above-the-fold with a sprinkle of branding.


The problem.

Sail is a project management system aimed at businesses that want to streamline their project workflow. 

They’ve decided to do something out of the ordinary, and base their brands voice on their ethos of ‘drowning in a sea of projects’. We could have used quotes from the titanic – but they’re business facing, let’s not go too far left. Jack Dawson’s heart will go on, without us this time. 

Bringing things back on topic, the problem. Their brand currently features a logo that represents waves, built atop of a cyan blue color scheme. It’s not portraying the brand as well as it could, neither is the isometric illustration of crashing waves.


We’ve switched up the colour scheme from a hard cyan to more of a lighter turquoise that one might associate with the gentle swilling waters of barbados. Okay, we’re not writing a travel magazine editorial, but these are the things that count when you’re positioning a brand for success. We also moved to an illustration that completely embodies “drowning in a sea of projects”.

When it came to a logo, it seemed like an incredibly logical idea to stick with something symbolic, do away with the accompanying words and match it to our color scheme.

Since the brand is “Sail”, and they’re offering you a way up from the plunging depths of project deepwater, we produced a mockup of an inflatable life-saver. But we feel like that’s been overused by companies in the support niche. What else sails? Could have gone with another Titanic pun here, but let’s not. Boats, ships, yachts, dinghies. 

Making of a yacht symbol.

What we used.

Tools and services we used.

Design work was done in Sketch and Adobe Illustrator was used for illustration colouring and positioning.

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