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Clientr is a small SaaS, offering super simple and minimal invoicing for freelancers. They have a small roadmap that mainly includes integrations with project management systems and payment gateways. Clientr is a project that we’re personally invested in and it has since been moved into our internal incubator, “The Kitchen”, for the initial design and marketing phases.

What is the desired outcome?

Business goals.

Like many emerging SaaS startups, idea validation was at the forefront of everybody’s minds. Setting the main goal is simple, emails, emails and more emails.


Build an email list to prove there is interest and demand for the idea.


Setting a brand standard from day one increases recognition.


We want Clientr to stand out as a simple, yet dynamic solution. We realise those words don’t always go together. Certainly not when you start throwing around phrases like “easy to use” – so during the initial project strategy meeting we decide on having a wordless symbol-based logo to represent the brand, but we still weren’t sure on how to go about it.

We put the logo on hold and look towards the brand’s voice. The target audience is freelancers offering digital services, an audience that’s generally in the 18-35 range and with some market research, we found that alot of them knew their pop culture and had a more “shoes off” and informal approach to their business.

We want the brand to speak their voice, to be relatable and convey a message they could resonate with. Our founder, Josh, wanted to see ‘relevant’ movie quotes that both younger and more mature audiences could relate too. Quirky and satirical writings with an informal tone, right on the edge of the line between professionalism and insanity.

Movie quote from Jerry Maguire.

User journey.

We’ve researched user experience across landing pages hundreds of times, the highest converting landing pages’ content is made up of key value propositions.

Without using buzzwords like ‘digestible’, the content should be short, and easily digestible for the reader. If a user has to mine the landing page like a prospector from the 1800’s, he or she will not convert. So we’ll lay out the page to conform to modern standards – a header (above the fold), a content area and a footer. Instead of writing a lengthy paragraph that seems to weave on and off topic, much like this one, we’ll nail down three of our main value elements.

You can bill hourly or per project, we’re mobile friendly and all you really need to send an invoice is the amount due.

Once we’d nailed down those 3 key sells, we’re going to make a completely fancy-free headline for each one, and a very simple 10-15 word explanation to sit beneath the heading – written in our brands voice. 

Laying out your content in small and focussed chunks, allowed us to push a user down the page towards our end goal (the beta signup) whilst also educating them on why Clientr is better than whatever cluttered, slow and poorly designed service they’re currently using.

Results so far.

Clientr launched with the new landing page in the second week of January, accompanied by a simple pre-launch marketing strategy that consisted of a placement on a couple of email newsletters, some content marketing and a very low budget social marketing campaign. In total there was a spend of just under $40 in total, with no further marketing on our behalf other than keeping up with the content strategy.

During the month of February (this case study was written on March 3rd 2020) the Clientr page received 1781 unique users from varying sources, with a 47% bounce rate, 4m39s average time on page and 292 goal completions. Yes, thats a 16.4% conversion rate in the month of February.

It would cost you more money to have a bot farm in India spam you with that many sign ups.

What we used.

Tools and services we used.

The landing page was done with Photoshop and the dashboard elements in Sketch. We’re using GitHub for
version control, Google Analytics to track goals/conversions and we deployed the page on Google’s Cloud.

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