Case Study: CleverSocial

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UX / UI, mobile app design, responsive web design and WordPress.

But, is there interest?

Validation from design.

Not everybody puts as much stock into the visuals of a website as a designer might do, but it really depends on the industry that you’re in. Take travel for example – it’s dominated by visual mediums, people don’t go on a trip or book a hotel room without seeing pictures of the rooms. Social media is more or less the same. Tweets with images are 150% more likely to be retweeted, than a tweet without an image.

That’s why we decided to go with a bold and funky-fresh color scheme for the CleverSocial redesign project. Carrying that vibrant and eye catching color scheme from the landing page through to the App interface and their social media presences.


What is the desired outcome?

Business goals.

The current landing page does not convert. Right now there’s a 6% conversion rate, which is lower than the initial BETA page for the validation period (14%). The main focus is increasing the conversion ratio.


Define a conversion funnel and push users towards it.


Increase visibility across web presences through branding.


I can’t stress it enough, we live in a world that’s cluttered with visual mediums. Modern design trends lean towards minimal layouts with white space combined with lightweight design above-the-fold. We wanted to bring some color into the design, keep the users engaged throughout their entire journey.

Over 70% of web traffic will leave a landing page before even scrolling down from the header, a Microsoft study has shown that humans have an average attention span of 8 seconds.

We’ll inject some life up there, using our vibrant colors and geometric shapes – something that entertains the mind, and pushes a user to want more. We’ve gone with the now-famous Blurple (A refreshed version of the current color scheme), a vibrant variant of mist-green for highlights and dashes of a softer yellow to balance it out.

The logo was the most challenging, it’s currently a smiley face emoji-type symbol in a soft purple. Emoji can be a great marketing tool, but are they brandable? Some would argue that they are if used in the right way, but you can’t really establish ownership of a smiley face across social media.

Logo process in Sketch on MacOS.

User journey.

Being big fans of the “Digestible Chunks” method, thoroughly researched by our own design team in-house, we’re going to deploy that very same tactic right here. We’re not in charge of the copy so we can only suggest headlines and recommend a word-count for the ‘explainers’. Baring that in mind, we decided to go ahead and keep up those vibrant colors.

We used the vibrant colors to again show off the product, keeping the value sell front and center – easy of use. It’s simple reporting without hassle, you want to know how your social media is performing? Use this tool to see your reach and your engagement. Simple as that.

We’ve recommended some particular product shots that should be used through these elements, ones we find best positions the user to see those value propositions and continue through the flow of the page.

Also, we added larger and more profound buttons – there is a free account available and it wasn’t made clear in the previous website. It’s not easy to make a large button that fits into modern design trends – things are getting smaller and smaller.

Transparency is apart of their brand, so we've recommended it be utilised in full throughout the landing page.

What we used.

Tools and services we used.

The landing page was designed in Sketch. We’re using GitHub for version control, Google Analytics
to track goals/conversions and we deployed the page on Google’s Cloud.

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