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We're a modern digital studio, with the drive of a high growth startup.

We aim to serve 1000 websites and landing pages by the end of Q4.

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Founded in Oslo, Norway, we’ve been building websites for small and medium businesses for over 14 years. Our main focus is driving value and delivering beautifully designed websites that are optimized for search engine results, increasing leads and growing business revenues through testing and results.

Like most aspiring web developers in the early 00’s, our founder started as a freelancer in the SitePoint community – one of the reigning ‘forums’ at the time. Before long, WordPress had released its 2.3 stable version and closed its second round of funding – becoming the worlds most used blogging platform, and our new specialization.

After 4 years of WordPress theme development and honing our skills, we had completed over 50 full custom theme builds and established a name for ourselves within the digital communities of the day. Here in 2020, we’re on a mission to successfully launch 1000 websites by the end of Q4.

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We’re driving traffic, increasing leads
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“Josh and the team have been a delight to work with. Highly Recommended.”

John Mitchell, Kurati Social LLC

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